Shaft Laser Alignment - Fixturlaser

Fixturlaser GO Basic

Value for Money with the Fixturlaser GO Basic!

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Fixturlaser GO Pro

No Time wasted with the Fixturlaser GO Pro!

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Fixturlaser EVO

Simplicity in your hands!

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein

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Fixturlaser NXA Pro and NXA Ultimate

Say hello to a future with the Fixturlaser NXA by your side

and a more productive and sustainable production.

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Fixturlaser Laser Kit

The Fixturlaser Laser Kit consists of two wireless sensor units utilizing two line lasers .The use of line lasers simplifies the setup process minimizing setup time. To make it even easier the sensors comes pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup.

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