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We offer ACOEM portable vibration dataloggers and analysers, wireless online systems, wired online systems and windturbine systems


FIXTURLASER has an extensive range of laser alignment equipment, all wireless, ranging from entry-level to advanced systems with features unrivalled in the market!


Whether is is a quick point-and-shoot measurement, or an expert analysis you need, our range of thermal measurement instruments from FLUKE and FLIR will provide  the tool for you


The FALCON Balancer is a standalone balancer that accomodates 1-, 2- and 4-plane balancing. It also has a spectrum and phase capability, so you are aware of other issues that may affect the balancing. With an easy to use visual interface, you always know where you are in the balancing process. Standalone or as an add-on to the FALCON Data Collector


The most comprehensive range of vibration sensors, vibration-and-temperature sensors, single axis and triaxial sensors available, all backed up by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty


Vibration transmitters are of the most common sensors found in industry. From a single axis loop-powered 4-20mA vibration transmitter, to sophisticated systems that combine vibration and temperature with various outputs like 4-20mA, 0-10V or 0-5V, all offering relay output options, multi-channel systems can be custom built with field-configurable filters to suit your requirements


Condition Monitoring Audits

Perform a CM audit of your site to determine optimum CM strategies for your machines in terms of criticality, applied technology, measurment periodicity, data mining and personnel skills development

Ad-Hoc site inspections and investigations

Problems with machinery in your plant may need some expert advice from time to time and we are here to help. We have over 40 years combined experience in all aspects of condition monitoring, vibration analysis, thermal analysis and other related disciplines.


Someone famously quoted: “What if I train them and they leave?” …What if you don’t and they stay?!"

We offer onsite and classroom courses in the various condition monitoring disciplines. We can customise onsite courses to your needs.



IDEAS Solutions is a South African based company providing services, products and solutions in several industrial, engineering, environmental and research and development fields. The company benefits from over 60 man-years of experience from a team of international experts and consultants. IDEAS Solutions is the trading name for Machine Condition Monitoring (Pty) Ltd

In the industrial and engineering environment; the company is mainly focused on providing production and maintenance related solutions using a comprehensive range of products and services of high flexibility and diversity to assure best practice and optimal results.

We have clients in South Africa and adjacent countries, as well as further north in Africa



EAGLE Wireless vibration and temperature system
EAGLE wireless condition monitoring system installed on a critical dredger where a wired system would be impractical
Dynamic damper system on Gautrain staircase
A dynamic damper system was designed and built to counter the resonance of the first bending mode of the steel staircase going from the platform to the surface level
Solving a startup trip condition on a conveyor drive
A base design problem caused startup trips on a conveyor drive during commissioning and first coal. An Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis was done and pointed to a redesign of the base and support structure to solve the problem.
Online vibration monitoring system on a continuous miner
The OneProd MVX online monitor was used to design a flameproof (Ex-D) underground online monitoring system for a continuous miner. The unit had 3 different monitoring conditions for 'idle', 'no load' and 'sump' conditions.
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Dynamic damper system on Gautrain staircase

A dynamic damper system was designed and built to counter the resonance of the first bending mode of the steel staircase going from the platform to the surface level