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Temperature can be a sign of trouble ahead. With Fluke thermal cameras you can detect issues before they become problems. Designed for everyday use, in the toughest industrial environments, Fluke offers infrared cameras for a wide range of applications.

Handheld thermal cameras for troubleshooting and inspection
Easily see potential problems with precisely blended IR and visual images–with up to 5MP visual camera, up to 320 x 240 resolution (76,800 pixels), and a large 3.5 inch LCD screen. Fluke renowned diagnostic tools such as Fluke Connect® software included data sharing, storage, in-depth analysis, and reporting.



Preventive maintenance and analysis
Get clear, accurate focus on objects near and far with MultiSharp™ focus, or focus with laser speed and accuracy on your designated target with LaserSharp® Auto Focus. Easily navigate the menu and view images on a 3.5 inch or 5.7 inch, 640 x 480 LCD touchscreen. Get more from your camera with an optional 2x or 4x telephoto or wide angle smart lens– no calibration required.
Ti300+, Ti401 PRO, Ti480 PRO




With FLIR handheld thermal industrial inspection cameras you can inspect and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical, as well as HVAC problems. Our range of handheld infrared cameras is ideal for everyday use, as well as in the hands of a proffesional. With FLIR Tools software, one can inspect, troubleshoot, analyse and report on critical mechanical and electrical equipment such as motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans and eletrical DB Boards and isolators.

Also used to inspect HVAC operations, and detection of leaks.